Broaden Your Art Experience While You Are in Surprise AZ


Surprise is a nice little town that is about 45-minutes drive from Phoenix. This is a city in Maricopa County which offers a peaceful living whether you are a local or a tourist. This is a place to be if you want some peace and quiet during your vacation but doesn’t want to go to more isolated areas. This may be a city but it does not have the usual chaos big cities bring. What more is that it is rich when it comes to its arts facilities. The local government here especially cultivate talents here and supports policies that have encouraged the growth of arts and culture in this city. So if you are an artist or an art enthusiast, you may not want to miss this to enrich further your art experience.

Museums and galleries are among the usual location of arts and culture of a place. Surprise is not lacking in this department. In fact, here you can find a number of them dotting the place. There is the City of Surprise Art Gallery, the West Valley Arts HQ, and the WHAM Art Association & Gallery. All of which are venues for art displays and masterpieces. They foster a good relationship between the artists and the community especially during those days when they accommodate specific masterpieces for an exhibit. While they allow rotating artworks here, they have collections that are permanent and exclusive only to their venue. Aside from visual artworks, West Valley Arts HQ also allows in their spacious space art performances from time to time.

Aside from the above-mentioned venues where there is a concentration of artworks, here in Surprise, there is the presence of art everywhere. They have a Surprise Public Gallery here where every piece can be found in different locations all throughout the city. The Heritage Tree and the Memorial Bench at the Surprise Senior Center, the Totem at the City Hall, the Butterfly Bench at the DreamCatcher Park, and the Always There, Always Ready which is a large bronze obelisk at the Fire Station are a few of the masterpieces that composed this Public Gallery. You can play Treasure Hunt as you seek each one out around the city while you are visiting here.

Surprise is not only popular for its visual arts, it also has many venues here where art performances can be observed. There is the Valley Vista Performing Arts Center which is a state-of-the-heart performance center that can seat over 1200 people. This is a place known to host outstanding cultural events. There is also the West Valley Conservatory of Ballet that caters to those who have the passion for classical dancing, and the West Valley Symphony where concerts are being held. While we are at it, it is worth noting the Surprise Pop Band that is local in this city. The members of this band perform for the people of surprise and ask only for non-perishable items to be donated to the Valley View Community Food Bank in return.

Surprise would indeed surprise you with their contribution to arts and culture of not just their city but the State of Arizona as a whole.